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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

AYAN tassel cushion cover

Color: olive

<*This is a cover only product>
The cushion inside is not included, so please use it with a commercially available 45 x 45 cm cushion.

An image of the gentleness of nature AYAN series

  • Handwork by craftsmen carefully woven one by one.
  • Uses cotton slub yarn with a vintage feel and natural texture.
  • Soft and fluffy to the touch.
  • The point is the three-dimensional diamond pattern and the large tassel.
  • Expressive and rustic texture.
  • Easy-to-match earth color.
  • Create a relaxing space with floor rugs from the same series.
  • With zipper.


size About W450 D450 (mm)
*There are individual differences
Color Ivory/Olive/Mustard
Material cotton slab

Description of item

A cushion cover with a rich texture, carefully hand-woven with cotton slub threads of irregular thickness and length. Accented with a fluffy and three-dimensional diamond pattern and a large tassel. The fluffy feel of the fur is also comfortable, and it has a warm and expressive finish.

The colors are earth colors with calm tones. Natural ivory, smoky olive and deep mustard. It is an easy-to-use item that accents the space with its presence that enhances the atmosphere of the room even when it is available in different colors.

Two styles are available. This is a general cushion cover of about 45cm x 45cm. The cushion inside is not included, so please use it with a commercially available 45 x 45 cm cushion.

The AYAN tassel cushion pillow in the series is about 30cm x 50cm. Comes with cushion insert.

Click here for AYAN tassel cushion pillow

There are individual differences in size, color, and weave because the texture of handwork using natural materials is used.

The AYAN series are rugs and cushion covers that make use of the texture of natural wool and cotton. This series, which is based on the concept of nature, is attractive for its rich expression of textured weaving and knitting, which are woven by hand one by one. Finished with a three-dimensional design with a strong presence and natural coloring.

Click here for the AYAN series

About maintenance

  • Do not use sticky cleaners, vacuum on the "low" setting or dust gently by hand.
  • Cut the thread with scissors without pulling it.
  • Wipe off any dirt immediately. Soak up spills with a clean cloth or paper napkin.


  • The inner cushion is not included.
  • Due to the characteristics of hand weaving, the long pile is delicate and easy to pull out. Be careful not to pull the fibers or threads.
  • Cotton slub yarn is characterized by its soft texture. Therefore, the cotton dust generated in the manufacturing process may be attached. Please pay gently with your hand.
  • The product details label and care label on the back of the product will fuzz when removed. If you rub it with your hand, it will get used to it.
  • Do not wash.
  • Avoid sharp objects, high temperatures, open flames, and damp locations.
  • Direct sunlight may cause discoloration.
  • Dark colors will bleed when wet.
  • At the beginning of use, there is a scent peculiar to natural materials, but it is not harmful.