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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Wicker glass vase Wave

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  • Handmade rustic finish.
  • The combination of glass and rattan creates a natural atmosphere.
  • You can enjoy the flower and green arrangement and the expression of the glass.
  • Complement your decorations, such as fresh flowers, dried flowers, and potpourri.
  • 5 unique styles.
  • Arrange them side by side for display.


Wave Outer size: about φ142 H173
Mouth: φ65 (mm)
Bowl Outer size: about φ165 H135
Mouth: φ45 (mm)
Tears Outer size: about φ151 H210
Mouth: φ78 (mm)
Tall Outer size: about φ138 H270
Mouth: φ75 (mm)
bouquet Outer size: about φ131 H200
Mouth: φ90 (mm)
* Only Type: Wave has a different bottom design.
*There are individual differences
Material glass, rattan

Description of item

The combination with the glass wrapped in sturdy rattan gives a light and natural impression. A glass base that suits botanical motifs such as dried flowers, fresh flowers, greenery, and potpourri. When water is added, it shows various expressions depending on how the light shines, so it is perfect for the coming season.

The light and supple rattan changes to a deeper color the more you use it. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, entrances, sanitary spaces, etc., regardless of the location or style of the room, it will be an accent to your interior. It has a cool impression that is perfect for spring and summer, but it also goes well with wool and blankets, and will blend in with your room regardless of the season, creating a calm space.

Since natural materials are used, there may be slight individual differences in size, degree of curvature, color, thickness of the glass, etc. Please enjoy the peeling, splitting, darkening of the bark, and the projections of the cut edges as unique features of handmade products using natural materials.


  • Not heat-resistant glass.
  • The glass part may have air bubbles, flow patterns, and distortion.
  • The knitted part may be broken or the end of the knitting may be outside.
  • You cannot specify the color of rattan. note that.
  • Depending on the weaving method, the bottom may be wobbly.
  • The shavings that occur during the manufacturing process do not interfere with the use of the product, and are within the range of acceptable products.